Monday, 20 March 2017

The Three Ways Debt Can Change People

Debt is never an easy answer to anything because sleepless nights and days of confusion and stress to repay an enormous financial commitment is a high price to pay despite the higher material price of the transaction. Debt can change anyone including hardened finance veterans because of these three things.

Day To Day Living

The understanding of "you live only once" is hip and youthful but for debtors, it also holds the idea of living paycheck by paycheck monthly -- a bad financial practice. The fear of having nothing to pay for a financing leaves one to overspend their money despite a successful budget.


Debt management could be chaotic and further confusion could result into higher debts for borrowers. Proper financial management always includes the interest rates in its equation -- so prioritising other convenient loan repayments is a bad investment that only leads in circles.

File Bankruptcy Immediately

Bankruptcy should be a last-resort option. Filing for personal bankruptcy removes the safeguard of a government-aided debt aid by six years. Debt consolidation is a better solution. Filing bankruptcy -- and repeating the same errors without fail -- is a common cycle among borrowers, which means it would be wise to have a financial goal to aid one's discipline effectively.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Learnings From 18-Dollar To Millionaire Ali Brown's Success

Success is not a straight road. It actually looks like a garbled line and a bit of luck for those who have achieved it. For Ali Brown, it was all about $18 and a ton of jobs, and the Internet. Pouring in all her money into her business -- an internet-marketing and network based research company that is now a multi-million dollar company.

One, personal finance was a little issue for Ali Brown, but it was more about gaining proper financing for her business. Financial management is best learned when one loses everything -- Brown was broke and the situation helped her find ways to keep herself and the business afloat. While one need not to lose everything, the event itself teaches an ultimately valuable lesson.

Another learning is to focus. Brown had her focus during her time and she understood the consequences of failure -- it meant setbacks but also learnings and she could try again. Understanding one's sources of income and understanding proper management of these finances need focus and investment of time.

Brown also recognized that time and opportunity where her biggest resources and she used them to her advantage. Not having money was not an issue if she knew she had time to rebuild from her false starts and failures. Understanding her market from her failures, she developed courses, programs and products that had now given her the multi-million dollar business she has.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Personal Finance Challenges To Face This Year

Personal finance will always be challenging with the ever-changing economy, political decisions affecting industries and ways of life. But resilience and a keen sense of speculation with market prices and bureaucracy can help many Britons face their future budget concerns without much trouble.


Almost any country allows parents to minimise their taxes by declaring their children as dependents. It is easier to understand personal tax privileges and benefits. Take note that you could itemise all your taxes and inform your HR about your new child. The HR themselves can even advise you on your taxes if more deductions are needed -- or if you feel you haven't maxed out your tax privileges.

Financial Education

Money and profit is one thing but familiarising one's self with money terminologies important to growing finance is also a huge challenge. In America, about 60% of adult Americans are not keen with their personal finances due to a lack of financial education. Identifying investment vehicles, placing valuation on certain items and products are skills that financial education -- as one's goal this year -- could benefit anyone.

Increase Your Income

The budget has been squeezed to the limit and it is time to stretch out the income further for maximum profit gains. Avenues include doing menial tasks, temp jobs or even community service aside from work. For those who have children, online options are dispersed everywhere.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Ideas To Improve Your Personal Finance This 2017

A new year is a new way to spend your money wisely. Money sitting at home -- which most did in 2016 -- is certainly a no-no. It's time to spend money in the right places.

Great Commitments Must Have Great Value

A rule of thumb: if the product does not last for more than 10 years, it's not worth a great financial commitment. Don't go for that big new Ferrari or something as simple as your daily Starbucks fix; instead, invest in your retirement as much as you want.

Manage Your Credit Card Debt Well

Credit scores are like report cards; they tell banks about your financial performance and if you do well, they can provide you the means to bridge the gaps in your financial needs. Manage your credit debt excellently and you can significantly lower interest  rates for future financial commitments.

Tech the Spreadsheets

Learn how to use software programs that help you manage your finances in macro. Learn how to use spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel to manage your finances. Apps such as GoodBudget allow you to see your financial spending. Nipping the issue in the bud is easier if you have a bird's-eye-view of everything you earn, owe and spend.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Is Your Fear Of Financial Worries Holding Your Back?

Financial stress is a part of life and a part of an employee's job description. Or maybe not too much.
Growing bills, the deflating values of currencies and plans that have failed due to financial disasters can impact an employee's work performance.

Research from Online Financial Planners SUM180 revealed that 29% of employees miss their work to deal with financial stress... or at least alleviate it by making plans.

While their sample is only limited to North Americans, the stress of 85% US adults in the middle to lower class earning categories rings true for the rest of the world.

Unplanned expenses are the main source of financial anxiety for most Americans. A larger number worry about the day-to-day expenses.

For most millenial Americans, credit card debt, healthcare and retirement are three of the biggest problems they face. With a failing jobs market and unhappiness levels due to underemployment, unplanned expenses are a huge source of stress.

According to experts, emergency funds would be essential in today's fiscal climate in the United States and for the rest of the world. Having at least six months' worth of expenses is crucial.

With such a safety net, it would be a great reduction of stress. Much focus can be placed at work for the need of better income sources and extending more effort.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Three Retirement Tips That Will Help You in 10 Minutes

Retirement is this year's hot topic. With UK's top corporations and chain facing trouble over immense gaps in defined-benefit pensions, retirees are left to discuss other options.
Clearly corporations pensions are out of the question while state pension could only do so much.
The best thing to do is to begin creating money for yourself through a personal pension plan.

Find a Suitable Plan

Always find a fund that favours the current trend at this point. Equities are going up. You could get yourself lifted up into the sun with proper equities.
Find a suitable plan. It isn't a hard thing to do. Consult with a financial adviser and see your options. Tourism and export industries are booming due to the low pound sterling.

Emergency Fund

Two years until your retirement and it may be important to up the ante when it comes to overtimes and work. Find alternative sources of funding.
You could take a simple job once you retire. Online works where your trade skills can cater is a very useful element to help you.

Tax Withholdings

Make sure to check these every year. You may need to owe higher or lower. But make sure you provide just enough as mandated. You could be paying for higher taxes where that money could have given you a greater investment elsewhere.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

"The Balance" Is All About Millenials And Personal Finance

Millenials have more to say about money than their predecessors do. With career options dwindling and only creativity and resourcefulness becoming the weapon of choice to survive the harsh everyday of financial woes, millenials continue to fight on.

The Balance -- a new subsidiary of -- focuses on helping millenials understand personal finance more in all angles. Even for students and newly-graduates finding it troublesome to manage their finances effectively, the 34,000 pieces of content from 70 writers under personal finance, investing, money hacks, career advice and small business trips can make it easy for the typical millenial to know more about money.

“There are plenty of personal finance websites out there that cover various parts of the market, but we don’t think anyone caters to the same market as we do,” said CEO Neil Vogel. “Most of our competitors cater strictly to the highest net worth people, but we want to help everyone get better at earning, saving and spending their money.”

The reason for the new brand according to Mr Vogel is that millenials and other Internet users would not take a financial advice seriously from a website that teaches one how to sing and how to bake an awesome pie.